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Our Mission is to create an inclusive model for sustainable living. We are committed to taking out the obstacles that prevent us from a greener future.

Our Mission

Concept & Backstory

Latest Consumer Trends

Most of us are aware of the evolution of the packed lunch. That’s because consumer trends indicate that more than half of the population take sustainable packaging into consideration when selecting a product.


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My Personal Story

I fall into that category and I’m sure many of us do and we all know why. We’re looking at it in this picture. Even though I do my best to reduce my own carbon footprint. I still struggle because as a single mom I don’t have a strong support system in my house-hold.

When I’m tired, I do what many of us do. I ordered food from a restaurant. I love having an easy option after long days, but I feel like I traded the chore of cooking for the chore of dealing with the package.

It’s my personal journey that inspired Takeout Takeout to see if I could create a mutually beneficial support system between conscious consumers and restaurants.

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Kendra Schneider

Founder of Takeout Takeout

About the Founder

Kendra Schneider is a Lansing native and recent graduate of the LEAP One and ALL program. She is the Founder of Takeout Takeout, a reverse logistics company that helps local restaurants & businesses take the trash out of takeout! In August 2022, Takeout Takeout partnered with Abundance Café and together they have diverted over 500 items from being landfilled by renting out reusable to-go containers to customers. Since then, she has also partnered with two other local businesses, Apple Blossom Kombucha and Red Bike Delivery, who serve as collection partners. She believes that new innovative ideas can help solve today’s climate crisis. Her goal is to meet people where they are and bring sustainable solutions to our everyday lives.